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IP and Commercialisation

Protecting and enforcing IP rights

At NFP lawyers we help our clients protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. 

Intellectual Property is ‘the application of the mind to develop something new or original property’-  just like other property, it can be owned, sold and transferred, leased or given away.

These rights have great value to any NFP’s brand and ultimately the ability to conduct its operations. 

Our Experience

We are experienced IP lawyers who regularly advise on a range of intellectual property-related matters involving:

  • Patents (for new or improved products and services)
  • Trade marks (for logos and brands)
  • Registered designs (for the shape or appearance of a product)
  • Plant breeder’s rights (for new plant varieties)
  • copyright (including software, databases, and other copyright works)
  • circuit layout design rights
  • Confidential Information – trade secrets, know how (including client lists, specifications, strategic and marketing plans).


We have relied on NFP Lawyers for many issues over the years and find their advice and support invaluable. With the extension of their employment practice, we have been able to get honest, efficient and effective professional advice when facing employment related challenges to avoid negative outcomes.

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