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Charities and Philanthropic Entities

Advising charities and philanthropic entities

NFP Lawyers provide advise to charities and philanthropic entities on all aspects of their activities. From regulatory compliance, tax concessions and deductible gift recipient status, fundraising, sponsorship, MOUs to partnership agreements. 

Our Expertise

Some of the key areas we assist with include:

  • advising on charitable purpose and subtype
  • advising on tax concessions and deductible gift recipient endorsement
  • fundraising law
  • collaboration agreements, such as MOUs, sponsorship or partnership agreements
  • ACNC, ASIC, State regulatory compliance 


We have relied on NFP Lawyers for many issues over the years and find their advice and support invaluable. With the extension of their employment practice, we have been able to get honest, efficient and effective professional advice when facing employment related challenges to avoid negative outcomes.

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