The Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) plans to revoke the charity status of 400 organisations it believes are no longer operating.

The ACNC says that these charities are being removed from the ACNC Charity Register as they have not been in contact with the ACNC since its establishment on 3 December 2012, have not responded to multiple letters and calls, and have not completed their 2013 Annual Information Statement. The ACNC was also not able to find evidence to suggest these charities are still operating, despite an exhaustive search.

If any one of these charities is still operating it is required to contact the ACNC by 14 October 2014 if it wishes to maintain its charity registration.

Charities that have their charity status revoked by the ACNC will be unable to access Commonwealth charity tax concessions.

An additional 3 200 charities may be progressively removed from the Charity Register over the coming months. Charities are advised to complete their 2013 Annual Information Statement to ensure they maintain their charity status, and do not incur penalties.

The full list of charities marked for revocation, and information on how charities can contact the ACNC is available at