Special Counsel

Paul Hick is NFP’s Special Counsel who assists our not for profit clients with their dispute resolution and litigation needs.

Sometimes, even not for profit organisations find themselves embroiled in a dispute of some sort. Such events can often seem to be contrary to the very nature of a not for profit and it calls for a balanced approach to the resolution of those disputes in keeping with the not for profits philosophy and objectives.

As a qualified arbitrator and adjudicator and from years of experience in ADR (alternate dispute resolution) as well as litigation in Courts and Tribunals,  Paul has developed a deep understanding of the root causes and motivating factors from which disputes arise and develop from the perspective of both parties. That knowledge and experience helps Paul to gain an understanding of not only the root cause of a dispute but the factors that are influencing its progression or blocking its resolution. That understanding gained allows Paul to develop and implement the strategies needed to achieve the balanced and equitable outcomes our not for profit clients need to meet their objectives.


Paul’s experience encompasses a wide range of disputes including those involving commercial and trader relationships, contracts, partnerships and joint ventures, statutory compliance and administrative law, corporations and corporations law as well as breaches of common law duties. The types of dispute resolution that Paul may recommend will depend upon the nature of the dispute, the parties involved, their motivations and attitude as well as the objectives of our client but could include:

  • Informal settlement negotiations;
  • Mediation;
  • Adjudication;
  • Arbitration;
  • Expert determination; and
  • Litigation in State and Federal Courts and Tribunals.

If your not for profit organisation is involved in a dispute, contact us at NFP as swiftly as possible and make use of Paul’s years of experience and his balanced approach to find the best course of action available to bring an efficient achieve your objectives.